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For those who are fans of our haunt, the news of our closing had been hard. The reason we looked at closing after our 2021 season was for two reasons:

1) Lack of reliable people to assist with the event (acting, security). Without reliable people for actors and security, the haunted house simply cannot run.


2) dropping attendance. In the last 4 years (not including Covid) the chamber saw a slow decline, not an increase in attendance. Our show standards kept going up (and costs to put on the event), people that came said it was an awesome haunt, but fewer and fewer people came.


If we don't have enough reliable people willing to work hard for a charity haunt to put on the show, and we don't see enough people coming to even pay our rent for the space, there's no way we can continue. We went into this season saying "we're done." But, due to what we saw throughout the 3 week run, there's some hope. Here's a couple updates...

Update 1)

In mid September, we tried a last ditch effort to find some reliable people to help with haunt acting, which has always been hard. We ended up partnering with a local non profit organization at the last minute that would benefit financially for their involvement. They would supply help (acting and security), and they would be the beneficiary of the proceeds from the haunt. This organization has been a God send. Due to their involvement, we have had some of the best actors and help we've had in years! Although they wish to remain anonymous, our ability to remain a charity haunt continues. If we have reliable people we can depend on to staff the haunt, we can continue.

Update 2)

People showed up in droves this year!!! We have not seen attendance numbers like this for many, many years. People want to get out and experience life in a way they haven't been able to since Covid started. We will be able to pay our rent, and pay back what we owed our landlord from last year. WE WILL BE OPEN AGAIN IN 2022!


There may be those that say, "Oh, you were just saying you were closing to drum up business..." To that we say "read the top paragraph over again!" We were tired of working hard on something that when it came down to it, not enough people were there to support, both in attending and helping with. We didn't feel that we wanted to continue to kill ourselves to create a quality haunt if people were no longer thinking it was important, and stopped coming (both to come through and to help for charity). Not to mention, it costs quite a bit of money to run a haunted house. I'm sure there are those that think that we make a ton of money doing this - we don't. We're a charity haunt. The money we make goes to charity. Many people came this year, but bills need to be paid. We ended up being able to raise money for our charity this season, which is what we do this for, not to put money in our pockets. We didn't drop our prices to "discount" levels in order to attract people. We changed nothing, and people have come back to see us. For that we are grateful.

OH! If you've been through the haunt and enjoyed yourself, do us a favor and send us a good Google review by clicking on this link: - If you didn't enjoy yourself, contact us via messenger and let us know why you didn't enjoy it and we will do our best to improve it.

Thank you very much Rogue Valley.


For 2022, we are implementing a similar system to our general admission line as we do for our Fast Pass ticket holders. For general admission tickets, you will now choose a half hour time frame (example 7:00 to 7:30 PM, 7:31 to 8:00 PM, etc.). You show up at the beginning of your time frame, and within 10 to no more than 40 minutes (depending on the time you arrive), you'll be in and out!




December 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23
Fast Pass Tickets - $15
General Admission - $12

10 E. 3rd Street, Downtown Medford

Tickets on sale starting December 1st!

Krampus is coming... can you feel his icy chill?
This foul creature will take over the Nightmare Chamber and turn it into his own twisted holiday wonderland. Come explore his dark lair. Have you been nice this year, or have you been naughty?
Krampus knows, and he'll make you pay for your sins.


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