Purchase tickets by appointment or on site!



  • Much shorter wait times

  • Pick the time that works best for you

  • Groups won't bunch up inside the haunted house

Q&A - Have questions? Ticket questions answered below.


(COVID safety questions can be answered by clicking HERE)

Why by appointment?

Hundreds of people come per night to the Nightmare Chamber. With Covid being a factor, we had to figure out a way to allow multiple people access to the haunt while also keeping people safe from Covid.  The appointment only format allows multiple people to enjoy the haunted house while keeping the people attending as separate as possible.

How will this work?

  • You'll click on the "Buy Tickets Now" link.

  • You'll choose a ticket package. Ticket packages start at two (2) tickets and go up to eight (8) tickets. The packages are for 5 minute time slots

    • Unfortunately you cannot purchase multiple single tickets for a single five (5) minute time slot - sorry!

  • You'll choose a time. Times are set every five (5) minutes.

  • You'll enter your information, email address and pay for your ticket(s) with a credit or debit card.

  • You'll receive an email with a confirmation number.

    • You either print out the conformation and bring it with you to your appointment time or show your phone with the confirmation on it to the box office staff.

  • Check in at our box office. Once you show the box office your confirmation along with your picture ID, we will direct you to your designated time line.


  • There will be four lines, one for each quarter hour

    • (Example: Top of the hour to 10 after, 15 after to 25 after, 30 after to 40 after, 45 after to 55 after, and so on ...)

    • You will get into the line that coincides with your designated time (you will not be allowed to enter your line early)

  • Once your time to enter has come, you and the three other groups in that line will be escorted into the haunt where you will await your entrance.

Can I purchase tickets and book an appointment on site without going online?

  • Yes, but the tickets on site are $15 each instead of $13 each when you buy them online.

  • Also, depending on how many tickets were sold online and how busy the night is, you may not be able to just "walk up and walk in." You may have to come back later in the evening for your appointment time or even book for another night if there are no appointments open.

When should I arrive?

  • For your safety and for the safety of everyone else, refrain from arriving any sooner than ten (10) minutes before your scheduled time. Check in at the box office upon arrival.

  • You will not be able to get into your line until your quarter hour time has come.

  • If you arrive earlier than ten (10) minutes before your time, we are asking you to wait across the street from the building.


Can I arrive late?


    • Although we want to be fair, if you are late for your appointment, you will need to reschedule for another night, AND you will need to pay a $5 per ticket rescheduling fee. There will be NO REFUNDS for people that arrive late or that do not show up for their appointment time.


Why can't I arrive late?

  • WHY? You ask? Because 99% of people coming will be on time. If you arrive late and expect to jump into line, that will throw off all the appointment times after you, and make everyone that arrived on time after you VERY upset. Don't be that guy... We won't protect you from angry patrons...


Tickets on sale NOW in packages of two (2) to eight (8) tickets

$13 Online Appointment - 5 min. wait

$15 On Site appointment - 10 to 30 min. wait

(If you book onsite, you may not be able to get a time slot for the same night)

REMINDER! Don't arrive late for your appointment time!

You WON'T be able to schedule a new appointment time for that night. Any new scheduled appointment requires a $5 per ticket rescheduling fee.